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Memaxi makes life easier


Memaxi helps your loved ones, your patients and your clients to lead independent lives. Memaxi makes it easy for users to share tasks and responsibilities. Memaxi's audio and visual prompts bring attention to upcoming events, when assistance is needed and when tasks need to to be completed.

The Memaxi Display app can be used by itself to keep an overview of the day or be connected to the Memaxi Connnect app to unlock further features like remote access and video calling. Spend more time caring and less time organizing with Memaxi.

We invite you to start by downloading the Memaxi Display app onto a tablet of your choice and setting up a profile. As a next step, you can connect to the Display using our Memaxi Connect app or our website. Life will get easier with the help of Memaxi.

Start with the Memaxi Display: Use it for your home, your loved ones or your patients


The calendar shows the planned day to the Display user. See the day today, tomorrow or next week. Events can be hidden and marked as done.


Add notes that remind the user of the display about important events or reminders. These notes can be repeating and planned long into the future.


Share pictures with the display user and display them on the display. Decide how fast or slow the pictures are changing.


Sign the guestbook right from the display and make it easy to write information about visits or events.  

Connect with Memaxi Care, this is the app to connect to the Memaxi Display remotely

Video Calls

Call with the simple Memaxi video call function. There is no need to leave the app. The Carer gets the call via the Memaxi Connect app on their phone.


Get reminders in the Memaxi Connect app or as a SMS to the phone if there is need for assistance, there is a problem with the display or an event. 


Add a carer to open up for many more possibilities of the display. There are different kinds of carers, those you can edit and those that can only view. 

Plan ahead and organize with the web app

Info Cards

Infocards are a great way to remind others how to help. They can be attached to specific events or profiles and give a sense of security. 

Group Events

Some routines repeat and don´t need to take up that much space.


For when you care about more than one person. Share the events on multiple displays.

Care for many and get the Memaxi Central the solution for care providers


Get a quick overview of what has happened and what needs to be organized first. 


Answer the important questions and solve problems before they become too big. 

External Systems

Do you need a connection to a specific external service? Memaxi will help you get connected. 


Set controls for who is able to see or change specific profiles. 


Send short fast messages to a specific groups: family, doctors, nurses. Comments, thoughts, reminders for the next shift. 

I run a care centre. What are my benefits?

With Memaxi Central you have an overview of multiple Memaxi Displays and a fantastic and efficient way of organising patient centered care.

Memaxi Central is a digital care centre aimed at institutions and professional carers who want to complement their services. Memaxi Central acts as an extra layer on top of the Memaxi Display to manage and oversee information and content. Swift user authentication, quick means of recording of data and communication as well as integrated data exchange to and from other systems and external peripherals are some of the additional capabilities of Memaxi Central. All this creates a seamless source of up-to-date information for those who need it and when they need it. Memaxi Central creates a better working environment for carers and enables care organisations to provide more efficient and accurate care services.


Memaxi Central benefits

  • Care instructions available at point of care
  • Overview and control
  • Increased and easy communication
  • Paperless care processes
  • Person centred care
  • Instant updates

Who is Memaxi created for?

Memaxi is created for people who want to lead independent lives and be able to take an active part in their day. Invite others to participate in managing the content, adding to the shared calendar, exchanging information and making video calls. It makes it easy for users to share tasks and responsibilities. Bring attention upcoming events, when assistance is needed and when tasks need to be completed.


Our users

Amongst our display users are the:

  • elderly and people with long term conditions like Alzheimer's disease,
  • patients under complicated long-term care,
  • people with physical or mental disabilities who require assistance
  • families who need something to effectively run their household.


Memaxi also helps everyone involved. Relatives can easily share care tasks and relevant information. Professional carers can participate in the home care process and communicate with relatives. As you can see our users come from all walks of life and Memaxi is highly customisable to fit individual needs and preferences. 


The equipment

The best way to use the Memaxi Display app is to install it on a large tablet. If you have doubts or are not much into such devices, contact us and we'll be happy to be of an assistance. To control the content of Memaxi Display a carer can use Memaxi Connect app. For comfort and simplicity of use Memaxi is available for Android and iPhones and runs perfectly on almost any smartphone making it as easy to use as any other app you use in your everyday life. For more traditional content management you can use our online application available on It runs in your browser anywhere you are. This option is especially useful for care centers or care homes.


We do not provide any equipment. Memaxi Display and Memaxi Connect are mobile applications that are downloadable and installable on users' devices and and Memaxi Central is a browser based web application.