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Our story

MEMAXI was designed and created by a dedicated team of individuals, each of whom have first-hand experience in caring for and assisting relatives with various conditions.  Many of the team members - comprising nurses, programmers, developers and business people - had been searching for a way to help care for their relatives, either close to home or from a distance, but with no luck. Commercial solutions were few, expensive and technically outdated.

During numerous discussions with carers, it was identified that what was needed was a system where carers, family and professional carers alike, could help a person in need of long-term care and assistance. The system would need to allow multiple users to schedule events, oversee daily tasks, exchange messages, share memories such as photos and communicate via a video link. Thus, the idea of MEMAXI was born, to create a complete telecare network for beneficiaries and carers.  


2009 Idea
2011 First release
2014 3-year grant for Memaxi HOME
2014 Memaxi HOME release
2017 2-year grant for Memaxi PRO Central
2019 Memaxi PRO Central release
2019 Icelandic National Finalist in the Nordic Startup Awards
2020 2-year grant for Memaxi PRO Link
2020 Video Call Centre release and COVID-19 support

Compliance and Security

We are GDPR compliant and place great emphasis on security. We have passed numerous data privacy risk assessments performed by our customers and we get 3rd party security companies to do regular audits on us. We work according to ISO 27001:2013, the OWASP Top 10 guidelines and run our own Information Security Management System. Our servers are Microsoft Azure servers hosted and managed in Europe. We act as a Data Processor under the GDPR and keep strict control of our Sub-Data Processors.

How we work

From day one, MEMAXI has been designed for the users by the users. We have enjoyed long-standing cooperation and collaboration with professional carers and families alike. We have been invited into people‘s houses to see care related challenges and problems first hand. Professional care providers have allowed us to work alongside carers to see how care routines can be transferred from time-consuming and archaic paper based procedures to quicker, mobile ways of working using 21st century technology.

For this we are eternally grateful.

If you have a specific challenge you think MEMAXI can help you solve, please get in contact with us and share your ideas and stories. 

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Phone: +354 415 2520