The future of communication and care

The future of communication and care

Designed and created to care.

Connect your family with Memaxi

Worldwide healthcare strategy is to help people stay in their homes for as long as possible. Memaxi allows families and professionals to share the care, link carers and organise remote healthcare right at home.


Memaxi Home is mostly intended for families and simple usage. It includes Memaxi Display and Memaxi Care. The Memaxi Display is a clear and simple overview which shows the beneficiary his schedule, photos, notes and allows him to browse through the guestbook, make video calls and much more. Memaxi Care is a tool for family and friends to stay in contact, add content to the Memaxi Display and help them make sure everything is in order.



How can Memaxi help?

  • Enables people to lead independent lives in their own home
  • Reduces anxiety and disorientation
  • Keeps families in touch
  • Provides "one touch" video calling
  • Shows events for today, tomorrow, next week

Memaxi Central is a tool for care organisations to manage and assist multiple beneficiaries who have their own Memaxi Displays. The professional carers get a complete overview of each beneficiary and tasks that need to be carried out. Virtual visits via simple video calls are a great addition to the care services already provided by care organisation. Memaxi Central is access through our web portal and mobile applications.




Memaxi Central benefits

  • Intuitive and personalised care plan updates
  • Care staff support through regular training and supervision
  • Improved care process responsiveness
  • Benefitiary oriented and centered care service
  • Care and treatment records management

Memaxi Display User

is the person who needs assistance and care. The Display user has the Memaxi Display set up and it shows what time and day it is and the daily schedule with notes. Tomorrow’s and next week’s schedules are just a touch away.

Memaxi Care Users

are carers involved in planning the daily life of the Display user. These carers are both home carers (relatives) and professional carers. The carers add events and information to the Memaxi Display remotely. Carers get an excellent overview of all events.

Memaxi Central Users

are employees of healthcare organisations, clinics and assisted living facilities as well as social workers, visiting nurses and others.